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Real World App Using ASP.NET Core WEBAPI& ANGULAR

MVC Core API with Angular

Course instructors

Eng, Shahanaj Begum

Eng, Shahanaj Begum


CEO & Founder, PowerSoft IT

Eng. Shahanaj Begum, the esteemed founder of Powersoft IT, is a highly skilled professional with a strong background in computer science & Engineering as well as extensive experience in the software & Web application development and training sector. She worked as a software developer in various software firms from 2009 to 2013. Since 2013, she has been playing an important role in creating IT Leaders through training. She has successfully imparted training in MS Office, and ASP.NET/ASP.NET CORE (C#) at High-tech Park, and IsDB Scholarship project, Corporate as well as Industrial attachment of several Polytechniq students. Currently, she is working as a software engineer and trainer. She is a woman entrepreneur certified by FNF. She also achieved Entrepreneurship Certifications from ILO. She With her expertise and leadership, Powersoft IT has become a trusted name in the industry, specializing in serving commercial, educational, and industrial clients.

Course Overview


Neither the JavaScript technology stack, nor the feature overlap of views and routing, should be a cause of cultural shock. There are several productive alternatives to building an application with Angular and ASP.NET Core. Your option of structuring the app’s client and server architecture depends on factors such as application size, mobile needs, and code sharing desires. An ASP.NET Core application using Angular can be designed as an all-in-one monolithic project, a server and web client project or even as a multi-client project.

By using .NET technology and Angular, a developer can write a powerful and controlled web application that fulfills business needs indefinitely. Projects that involve highly complex architecture demand frequent yet seamless testing and build deployments. These are essential elements to lower downtime and deliver excellent experiences for end users.

Microsoft ​​​​​​​BUILT .NET core to make modern application development​​​​​​​ easier and efficient. .NET Core makes it possible to build and deploy .NET based server web applications across any of the major platforms available. On the other hand, front-end web is evolving very rapidly. The tooling to build front-end applications is getting mature to meet developers’ needs. This brings up a challenge to the server platforms to support the front-end ecosystem inside their boundaries.

Angular can also detect when the component data changes, and then automatically re-render the view to reflect that change.

Angular templates that support .NET Core

The ASP.NET team has built Angular and React templates to support development of front-end based applications with .NET Core as the backend. That template also offers hosting of both the application types into a single one. Therefore, it is useful to build and publish applications as a single unit. Angular templates provide commands, which are useful in;

  • generation of applications
  • adding different code blocks into applications
  • adding unit test spec files
  • run tests
  • run the application in development mode
  • generate build files to deploy

Cheap Deployment

Even though Windows still dominates the desktop market, Linux is the market leader when it comes to enterprise servers and the cloud. As you may know .NET Core is free, open source, cross platform and runs basically everywhere. It is better to run web application of .NET Core with open source Angular on Linux platform. Also we can deploy on windows platform .This application turns out cheaper for enterprises compared to the alternative and does not need a .NET SDK to be installed on a server.

These course will help you understand ASP.NET Core and Angular to build secure web application step by step. 


  • Good Knowledge On Basic C# 
  • Basic Understanding On Object Oriented Programming
  • Good Knowledge On Basic Database Design And SQL Query
  • Good Knowledge On Basic HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 
  • Basic Javascript, JQuery

Tools Needed:

  • Visual Studio 2019/2022 (You Can Download It Free) 
  • SQL Server / SQL Server Express 
  • SQL Server Management Studio 
  • Visual Studio Code 

ASP.NET Core MVC with Angular and EF Core Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  • .NET Core vs. Full Framework
  • Evolution of ASP.NET
  • IDE Introduction
  1. Web Application Architecture
  2. Application Configuration
  3. Controllers
  4. Models
  6. Request Routing
  7. HTML Forms
  8. Application State
  9. Data Validation
  10. Security
  11. Error Handling
  12. Logging
  13. Testing
  14. Angular


Course Syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angular a multi platform?

Angular is a cross-platform framework The only thing which is required by Angular to be executed is a JavaScript engine.

What is the main purpose of Angular?

Angular helps build interactive and dynamic single page applications (SPAs) through its compelling features that include templating, two-way binding, modularization, RESTful API handling, dependency injection, and AJAX handling.

Why should we choose Angular?

We can choose Angular when : The complexity of the app stays low to medium level. We need readymade solutions. We need a feature-rich large-scale app. Strong scalable web applications. fast development speed, ease of integration with other platforms.

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